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A few weekends ago we had lots of laughs and people left fired up and fascinated by NVC. We were at Cardigan’s Community Forest Garden (a community project to provide wildlife, community and food) where Escape Your Chains ran an NVC taster session attended by around 16 people.

Paricipants getting involved in NVC tweaking a conversation that a “Judith” wanted a different outcome around.

We looked at how a tricky conversation (provided by a participant) could have gone differently with a few tweeks. NVC expands our natural compassion and everyone’s needs mattering. It is a tool kit that more and more organisations are bringing in to support differences.

The way the conversation had gone originally left the participant (let’s call her Judith) feeling a longing for respect and she had lost some connection with her associate. Not only did we look at the conversation in a different way, Judith found she had some healing because previously she had felt agreived about what was said. I found it wonderful to see her energy completely change from defensiveness to openheartedness towards herself and the other person. This is such a gift that NVC offers – to change what we receive into something more loving.

Explaining about NVC using puppets

Creating compassion across differences is not easy, especially when we are activated. Often we are either quick to back down and get away from conflict or very attached to our strategy because we want to make a change in the world or in our family. And when others disagree with our strategy or solution, it may touch into something deep within us whether we are aware of this or just of aware of something rising in us. Often it is something about thinking we don’t matter. NVC separates our strategy from our values, drivers, needs, longings and this is one of the keys that gets win:win results rather than relying upon compromise.

Get in touch if you want to develop a culture of compassion within your group or organisation, everyone mattering, help with differences or increase emotional literacy – especially if you have noticed that compromise can create a cost to everyone. NVC, if you don’t know anything about it, uses language to get different outcomes which lead to win:win. At Escape Your Chains we are passionate about win:win because we believe we all matter.

NVC taster sessions are available for any group, get in touch. Or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. (It won’t show until it has been checked for spam)

Escape Your Chains offers trainings, mediations (where you don’t need to have learnt NVC), one to ones for healing, consultations, and Couple’s Navigation to Intimacy; Working Together; Separating Compassionately & more.

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