NVC Tasters

Creating compassion across differences is not easy when we are activated. Often we are very attached to our strategy to make a change in the world or in our family. And when others disagree with our strategy or solution, it may touch into something deep within us whether we are aware of this or just of something rising in us. Often it is something about thinking we don’t matter. NVC separates our strategy from our values, drivers, needs, longings and this is one of the keys that gets win:win results rather than relying upon compromise.

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Got Stuck using NVC to Restore a Conversation?

I always hold that a shift in a conflict appears when using Nonviolent Communication (NVC), rather than us searching for it. I find that surprising, magical and beautiful. One minute it looks like there is no solution or harmony on the horizon, the next “Hey Presto”: Both people (or all of the group, if it is a group mediation) are actually happier than they were with their original prefered solution. This article is for those who understand the NVC resolution process, and haven’t yet got to that shift.