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What do you want more of? What makes your heart sing?

My hunch that Sarah was good for me as a personal therapist has paid off and by now I have reviewed and revealed deeper and deepening layers to help continue my growth of self awareness. Personally for me, Sarah reflects the right level of encouragement in her one to one sessions…so that within my psyche I feel supported to delve deeper into my Emotional Well Spring…


We can look together at what will make your life more wonderful, face some ucky bits, clarify your limiting beliefs and let’s transform your stuck place!

We offer acceptance, compassion, and empathy to clarify what’s going on and give you a different understanding.

Although we are all on our own path, having support is essential for many of us. Your “chains” refer to the type of thinking you do or habits you have, that creates things  you don’t enjoy. Escaping them gives you liberation and more power over yourself. If you have looked around this site and not found the level of support that you are wanting so far, then you may want to buy a set of sessions with me. All of the sessions are based on NVC with some tools coming from other resources. NVC is a different way of looking at things, that gets us different results. As you know your self the best, you are the “captain” and I am here as a translator to help you work out what your way forward is. I aim to bring as much compassion as possible, so you feel nurtured, loved, and valued for what you bring into this world.

We can do a one off to see if you like working with me, and you will find there are ways of making it more affordable if you have more time than money.

What I offer falls roughly into 2 categories. Direct support, and learning skills:

Dilemma or Decision Resolution:

One or two 1.5 hour sessions. To work through a decision or dilemma with relative ease when you have tried to weigh it up and got no-where. If your decision involves deep issues, you will probably need more than this session.

If Your Life is Stuck:

You might be fed up with something that never seems to change or go away, and be wondering where you can turn to next. I can help you create clarity in your mind around which way to turn, or support you with emotional healing. I work with people who are, for example, depressed, ill, repeatedly in situations that hurt. I am happy to hear from you and see if I can help via a free 20 minute chat. By helping you create clarity about your issue, you are more likely to slide forward.

Get Emotional Relief & Inner Peace!

A one off, or repeated for greater effect! Be seen, heard and witnessed so you feel more self acceptance and more at ease about yourself. This is so great and if you have never experienced this type of luxury, I suggest you book one of these sessions in the same way you would a massage for your body: as a treat!

Having said that you may be interested in learning how to ask the people around you for more of this, in a way that they want to say “YES!”. NVC is great for this – see below, click here for the events page or sign up to be informed when a training comes up.

Creating Space Inside:

This could be for a one off or you may want more space in your head ongoingly? So much in this world is about changing something or keeping busy. Empathy (the NVC type) is about slowing down, and getting in touch with what’s going on inside us in an authentic way. This leads to inner peace and relaxation as well as helping us accept yourself as we are. When we have more space in our heads, then we can think so much more clearly about whatever is on our mind! Phew, what a relief.

Healing Emotional Wounds.

Sometimes we need support healing before we can move on in life. This involves a series of sessions where you are Heard, Seen and Witnessed so deeply that you can begin to let go and move on. I also enjoy seeing people want to be more compassionate to themselves after experiencing compassion from myself or someone else. Learning to treating yourself with more care has to be good for you!

Support making a big change in your life:

This can take anything from one to ten or more sessions depending upon what is at stake. Sometimes someone to reflect back to us and not give us their input is difficult to find amongst friends and family. Being reflected back to can give us the clarity we need to work out our next step.


EYC runs Intregration Sessions & Practice Groups. You can sign up here for NVC Practice Group emails & Integration Sessions notifications. NVC Learning and Practice Group is a place to hone your skills & learn new ones. It is open to people who haven’t completed a Foundation Training (Level 1) – if you have done some home study before coming that is a huge advantage. Integration Sessions require the equilivant of a Foundation Training. See more under NVC Learning & Practice Group and sign up for emails to receive notifications and that week’s topic. You can also sign up for other emails via that link. Some of those resources are here.

3 thoughts on “NVC Coaching & Training for Individuals

  1. Hi Sarah. I’ve read your site with great interest and could really do with a conversation with you to clarify how I could best use your help, if I can use it! I am more time rich than money rich but I feel that my rage and verbally violent behaviour towards my husband must be addressed. I’ve read about NVC and done some co counselling and some Sarah Peyton work. I’m retired and live in Carmarthenshire.

    1. Hi Sue, Thanks for your comment. I’ve sent you an email this morning to fix up a free call & we can chat. If you haven’t had it please check your spam. Warmly, Sarah

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