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Consider: can a disagreement, arguement or internal dilemma be avoided if you have several solutions, so you can find one that will work really well for you and the other party? Do you find one option that works best for you and get disillusioned because you cannot think of other options that will hit the spot? 💜 Learn how to use needs’ consciousness to create brilliant solutions.

Hello, I’m Sarah Sims Williams. I started Escape Your Chains in Pembrokeshire, West Wales to support people to get more of what they enjoy, such as love, compassion, peace, adventure, fulfillment. Do you want more of something (and want less of something else)?

We are available in Ceregidion & Carmarthen, as well as North, Mid & South Wales & SW England. Internationally via Zoom.

“I LOVED IT. Our session made me reflect on how hard I’ve been pushing myself and opened up a small soft place.” JD

I have been studying Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 2008 and combine it with some great skills which have catalysed some amazing shifts.

What’s available from Escape Your Chains (EYC)?

Individual Coaching

“I’m stuck, get me out of here.” I want inner peace, empowerment, support with healing, closeness; or something else.

Pairs & Group Mediation / Therapy

Shows 2 people staying in balance, in a yoga position. It takes both to create this.
“We’re stuck, get us out of here”
We want growth, harmony and opportunity from this stuck place. We don’t want compromise and resentment. We’re willing to put the work in. We want balance with freedom too.

Training & Learning

A group of people linked in a circle, smiling, 2 men, 3 women, taken from below
“Our group or organisation want to learn NVC skills like clear communication, empathy, understanding & restorative systems for difficult scenarios!” We want to make life more wonderful. Click here for general trainings too.

I want to know about your NVC Practice Group.

I quickly learnt I could completly trust Sarah

What we offer is different to Life Coaching although many call it coaching, life coaching or emotional coaching. It involves slowing down and offering a deep empathatic understanding of you, with the aim of creating change. We really want to “get” you. Marshall Rosenberg, founder of NVC (CNVC.org) borrowed listening skills from counselling, particularly person-centred counselling “Father” Carl Rogers. What we do is different to counselling though (and often faster). We often focus on communication & conflict transformation, within the person (which affects communication with others).

Through questions & dialogues, deep listening, compassion and acceptance we help you build trust & open up. Our aim is to get to the essence of what you want some change or recovery around.

We are great fans of Sarah Peyton because her work has the power to shift traumatised places, and we love the type of empathy she calls resonance: “When we feel we are being understood, when someone else gets us, it feels like nourishment and attention and care for dry, neglected plants that finally receive what we need. Resonant attention and language change the way we see ourselves. With new eyes, we begin to transform our experiences of shame, rage, horror, and doubt into an experience that we are enough, just as we are.”

You will gain understanding & become clearer, for yourself, about what will uniquely give you more happiness. For some this is very healing. We create acceptance for you just as you are – most people are surprised how supportive that is. Like a wonderful massage but for your emotions and nervous system.

“Thanks Sarah…The other night was the turning point of my week… where it went from somewhat shit to starting to be OK again. Dave S

Contact us if you are someone who has already done quite a lot of work on yourself but you want to go to the next level. You may want:

  • More effective and calm communication with your children, partner or family of origin.
  • To get unstuck and healing around a personal issue, depression, anger or lack of power.
  • To learn NVC skills or want support using the ones you have.
  • Support with self development, self esteem, or becoming more of who you want to be.
  • Finding the exciting potential or transformation from an internal or external dilemma or conflict.
  • Relationship, marriage or community mediation.

You may prefer to have a look around the site (or Facebook page) first, to get a sense of us and how we work. There are also many free NVC resources on the internet, some of which are listed under the resources tab. If you are local to Pembrokeshire you may enjoy coming to Practice Group to learn more!

We would love to hear from you about what you’re interested in, what would support you the most, and what you would like help with, so we know who is out there and what might serve you best.

Or let others know how you have been supported by Escape Your Chains!

We’re based between Cardigan and Newport, Pembs / Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK. Locally we cover Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion & Carmarthen, and travel to South, North & Mid Wales & SW England. We are open to travelling further and work through Zoom with individual clients in other areas. We aim not to fly mainly to keep our emmissions low. All our policies consider the environment.

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  1. Thank you Sarah for a wonderful first meeting with our group, your help was very beneficial to what on paper would appear a simple dilemma but in reality drew in so very many complex issues. I look forward to our next meeting. Allison

    1. Hi Alison, I really enjoyed it. I am so inspired by your project, and by you all – the different threads and skills all of you hold. I can’t wait to go back and support you all some more. What you’re providing for the children is close to my heart. Feel free to name your project on here and say something about it, to spread the word, if you wish. Maybe we can write a post about it sometime too. Xx

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