Welcome to EYC

Hello, I am Sarah Sims Williams. I really want to support you to make a difference to your life.

I have been studying Nonviolent Communication (#NVC) since 2010 and offer some great skills which have catalysed some amazing shifts.

What’s available from Escape Your Chains?

Individual Coaching

“I’m stuck, get me out of here.” I want inner peace, be empowered, support with healing or closeness.

Pairs and Group Mediation

“We’re stuck, get us out of this mess”
We want growth, harmony and opportunity from this stuck place, rather than compromising.

NVC Training

“We can’t get enough NVC!” We want to learn these skills as a group, so we can meet our needs and find our own opportunities compassionately. Click here for general trainings too.

What I offer is different to Life Coaching although some call it life coaching or emotional coaching. It involves slowing down and offering a deep empathatic understanding of you with the aim of creating change. It is different to counselling (and often faster) although some people see it as counselling. Together, using compassion and acceptance, we get to the essence of the problem that you want some change or recovery around. You will gain understanding about that essence, so you become clearer for yourself what will uniquely give you more happiness and peace of mind. For some this is very healing. I use empathy, understanding, deep listening and compassion to create acceptance for you just as you are – most people are surprised how supportive that is.

‘I’m grateful for our work together to date and look forward to continuing the process.’ Emily

Contact me if you want:

  • More effective and calm communication with your children, partner or family of origin.
  • To get unstuck and healing around a personal issue, depression, anger or lack of power.
  • To learn #NVC skills or want support using the ones you have.
  • Support with self development, self esteem, depression, anger or becoming more of who you want to be.
  • Internal or external dilemmas or conflicts eased.
  • Relationship, marriage or community mediation.

You may prefer to have a look around the site (or my Facebook page) first, to get a sense of me and how I work. There are also many free #NVC resources on the internet, some of which I list under the resources tab. If you are local you may enjoy coming to Practice Group to learn more!

I would love to hear from you about what you’re interested in, what would support you the most and what you would like help with, so I know who is out there and what might serve you best.

Or let others know how you have been supported by Escape Your Chains!

I’m based between Cardigan and Newport, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK.

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  1. Please could i be added to your email listings for your future debts and meetings. I have no experience of meetings however have watched some utube visits of NVC compassionate communications.
    Thank you.

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