NVC Learning & Practice Group

Learning & Practice Group is life afirming, deeply connecting and playful practice with NVC learning, available fortnightly.

It is designed for people of all levels* who want to deepen their understanding of NVC and to gain confidence and experience in using it.

What’s included?

Photo of an NVC session – credit Melody Lucian
  • 6x 2.5 hour bespoke sessions in a closed and intimate group over 12 weeks.
  • Covering both of the basics and more subtle/advanced skills.
  • A place where we can make mistakes while practicing. 
  • Held by a warm, highly adaptable and skilled NVC trainer.
  • Access to a private WhatsApp group. A safe place to ask questions about NVC, share resources, pratice & discuss skills in between the sessions.
  • Take-home exercises/suggestions to further develop our skills.
  • An empathy buddy – for more personal support, empathy and practice.
  • Encouragement to practice NVC as a habit rather than just fortnightly.
  • Opportunity in session 1 to be part of crafting the following sessions.

I immediately felt settled by Sarah and learnt that my emotions were okay…

Written by someone after their first session.

Who is it for?

Those who have experience of NVC and or a passion for compassion? 

If you have a group of 8+ people who:

Different options we have in a dialogue.
  • Embrace and value communicating from the heart
  • Are inspired by ditching compromise and power-over, to resolve a difference
  • Want to practice crafting better requests based on everyone mattering
  • Enjoy regularly learning as part of a safe, intimate group
  • Are committed to deepening connection with yourself and those around you
  • Have a basic grasp of NVC, are *new or want to deepen & practice your Level 1 understanding

We would love you to:

If some participants are relatively *new to NVC:

We recommend watching Marshall Rosenberg’s 3 hour introduction or reading the first 4 chapters of Marshall Rosenberg’s Language of Life book. Alternatively, study NVC from here (free) for several hours to give you a basic understanding of the principles of NVC. These will help you gain more understanding & value from the sessions.

If you are all relatively new to NVC, you may wish to book a Level 1 (Foundation) training before forming a Learning & Practice Group.

When & Where?

Anywhere in North Pembrokeshire or be online (anywhere else, get in touch to discuss). Each session runs for 2.5 hours.


£108 for all 6 sessions

For £18/session you get 3 months of inspiring, life-enhancing, deeply connecting practice & learning fortnightly, plus Whatsapp NVC support on tap!

Payable up-front & non-refundable (except if the sessions don’t run).

How to Book:

Email to book & join us and you’ll receive payment information, Feelings and Needs sheets, & all the details!

We look forward to welcoming you to NVC Learning & Practice Group and spending some sweet time in the NVC paradigm among like-minded and compassionate folk. 

I find Sarah has patience for our learning and also, with compassion, she slips in tools for us to practise…we learn from each other during the group practise sessions, even though we are from many different levels of experience of NVC.

B. Lloyd

Why come to an NVC Learning and Practice Group?

A paper exercise to practice NVC at home or with a buddy. Thanks to Sociocracyforall.org

A cohesive group is formed even on line (participants enjoyed it so much they keep re-buying the package). You will be moving forward in your understanding alongside peers and you can all support each other.

You’ll get exercises or suggestions to practice at home.

You may motivate yourself more by making a commitment up front.

You get concrete learning, increasing your understanding and skills over the 12 weeks. We have noticed how quickly new people are learning compared to the old system.

On the 6th session we can recap what we have learnt and name anything we still want to practice or learn in the next block if people want more.

If you are keen to learn & practice NVC you can either:

  1. Join the mailing list for future updates or
  2. Set Up Your Own Group. We need at least 8 people for a group to run. If you’re interested in setting up your own group, either online or in-person in North Pembs, email Sarah and we’ll arrange a free call to discuss your needs. 

Individual Loving Coaching or NVC Learning sessions with Sarah are available:

For bespoke learning, support, empathy, healing, nourishment and clarity-finding, contact us to book a discovery call or to ask for a flyer about the Loving Coaching Package details. (additional cost involved).

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