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When people are learning NVC they often enjoy practicing the skills – like you do when you learn any language. This promotes emotional literacy, increases self connection, and deepens connections with others the more we use these areas of the brain.

Sarah Sims Williams facilitates an NVC Practice Group every 2nd & 4th Wednesday evening of the month, usually in north Pembrokeshire, but on line during lock down. Regulars have the opportunity to join a messaging group on line (currently Messenger & Whatsapp) so it is not only a place to practice the skills but also the group supports each other in their everyday lives.

It is currently face to face. If you wish to see an EYC on line Practice Group, you have 3 choices a) sign up for PG emails, so you will find out when we are back on line, and b) let us know you would like this or c) if you have at least 6 people get in touch and Sarah will run one for you.

I was daunted with nervous expectations to make that first step into an NVC group, however once [I was] at my first meeting, I immediately felt settled by Sarah and learnt that my emotions were okay…

If you would like to come along, it is really helpful if you have studied some NVC via links on here, or a course. This is Marshall’s 3 hour introduction  to the process, quality and principles of communicating in a connected & compassionate way. There are other links, starting at 2.5 minutes, if you want to start with a short introduction. Click here to see them.

PG lasts around 2.5 hours, is online for now and starts from 6.45 pm. So, come along from 6.30pm, get a drink & be ready to start at 6.45 pm.

I find Sarah holds patience for our learning and also, with compassion, she slips in learning tools from which to practise…we learn from each other during the group practise sessions, even though we are from many different levels of experience of NVC.

B. Lloyd

If you are interested in these classes, please sign up here to receive an email reminder before each group. For more about us, check out Escape Your Chains on Facebook . It’s free for your first session – donations welcome. The group does become a closed group from time to time, however it is currently open to new members. Let Sarah know you are coming.

Dates: Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday evening of the month

Other Days

If Wednesday doesn’t work for you, and we have 8 or more people committed for another day, then we are happy to facilitate another group. Put a note below here and/or on Facebook to see if anyone is interested in a different day. You can check out the resources page to see what options there are on the internet for learning and practising in your own home. If you are in another part of the country or want to see what else is in this area, nip over to NVC-UK.com

Pricing Structure

Sarah says “I want to be offering this and my other work free, and my expenses be supported by those to whom I contribute, or by others who love what I am doing. I am asking for people to ask themselves what value they get out of my work. I am asking for the contributions outlined below.”

To encourage commitment to practicing and also make accounting easier, you can pay for a block of 6 consecutive sessions and get it cheaper:

Pricing is currently on a sliding scale. Please try to balance your needs with contributing to Sarah’s.

Drop in rate: £16 (£15 down to £14 if you can’t afford a cuppa out Ie sliding scale) per session.

In the middle of the “4 Chairs” exercise.

Bulk buy: £78 (down to £72 if you can’t afford a cuppa out, ie sliding scale) for 6 consecutive sessions. Please pay as much as you can whilst looking after yourself. This would be paid in the first week and be non-refundable. You might want to compare the value of this to other body or mind skill groups eg yoga.

If you can afford more you can contribute to someone who is struggling to pay.

Advantages of buying a block:

A more cohesive group has formed. Even on line, participants are enjoying it so much they keep returning.

You may motivate yourself more by making a commitment up front.

Sarah structures learning in blocks, increasing everyone’s understanding and skills over the 6 fortnightly sessions. We have noticed how quickly new people are learning compared to the old system.

On the 6th week we can recap what we have learnt and what we still want to practice or learn in the next block if people want this.

Sarah says, “I am quite excited how well this structure is working, and how much fun we are having! I would like to hear what you think.”


Practice Group is held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, except around Christmas, and on the odd occassion. The best way to keep in touch about when the next group is, is to sign up on the email list and tick the box next to practice group.

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