NVC Integration Group This Autumn

We’re offering a series of 4 evening sessions near Eglwyswrw to support you in embracing and integrating NVC into your day to day life.

This NVC Integration Group is helpful if you want to deepen your NVC skills and increase your confidence in using them. You will require at least Level 1, or the equivalent experience, in NVC. You will be held within the safety of a loving, supportive and empowering group facilitated by a highly skilled and experienced NVC trainer.


Sessions will be fortnightly on Thursday evenings, starting 26th October, continuing on the 9th & 23rd of November and the 7th December, from 7pm to 9.30pm. You can experience the first session to see if it is a good fit, before deciding upon the rest.

Who is this for?

This is for you if:

  • You’ve learnt some great skills in NVC and appreciate the value of what it has to offer.
  • You’ve been struggling with implementing some of the teachings even though the theory makes a lot of sense.
  • You’ve seen some positive results implementing what you’ve learnt.
  • You’d like to learn more and expand your skill set.
  • You can feel the empowerment that using NVC gives and you’d like more of it!
  • You’d like to embrace NVC as a way of being, going forwards, so making good choices for yourself becomes a habit!
  • You enjoy learning in small closed groups.
  • You would like to join a keen community of like-minded people to dive deeper into practising NVC, with support from a warm, highly adaptable and skilled NVC practitioner

Each session you’ll learn how to look at your chosen challenge(s) through an NVC perspective, using a different mode of exploration: The modes will be: role-plays, embodied experiences, self exploration exercises. The first session we will use the ‘dance floor’ (a visual map of the process which sits on the floor) to refresh the steps of NVC.

Workshops will be around 2.5 hours in duration, and will take place fortnightly beginning October 26th 2023.

What’s Included

  • Four 2.5 hour sessions, which include teachings, chance to practice, space to share, give and receive empathy. (Or one session if you don’t want to continue)
  • Being heard and held in an empathetic safe space.
  • Fun and effective practices that can be taken away for further exploration and play!
  • The opportunity to ‘buddy up’ with someone from the course for support/accountability on your NVC journey.
  • A WhatsApp group with everyone on the course so you can share NVC experiences/celebrations/challenges.
  • A wealth of valuable bite-sized information AND practical exercises to integrate it into your life now, and for years to come.

Your Trainer

Sarah Sims Williams has been sharing NVC since 2012. She offers individual healing sessions, couples’ therapy & Loving Mediation all using Nonviolent Communication. Sarah loves sharing NVC & supporting people to find empowerment.

She also supports dog owners to communicate with their dogs so the dogs want to do what they are asked, immediately. For her dog behaviourist work click here.

As well as work, Sarah has many interests including hiking, creative, environmental, healthy food production & live music.

Workshop Structure

Sessions will be structured as follows to maximise learning and integration.

  • A brief check in to share how you are in the moment, so if you are feeling particularly tender or bouncy, everyone can take that into consideration. The previous person will reflect back what they heard & suggest a need met or unmet. This supports sharing and listening.
  • The main activity, which will include practicing some NVC skills.
  • A brief check out – this might be one feeling and one need word.


Crosswell, near Eglwyswrw – you will be give the precise location when you have booked.


To make it more accessible there is a sliding scale for both choices. Choose the price bracket that works best for you, considering both your financial freedom and the value that this course will offer. 

All four evenings £100 – £60. 

First evening only £25 – £15


Choose a Tier first (you won’t be charged for the whole course). Then either pay in full to secure your place (limit of 10 places) or select the 25% deposit for the first session only. If you choose the deposit, see what you think after the first session, then choose to pay the rest if you want to come back, or not pay any more.

Book using the link below. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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