Do You Know Someone Who Feels Lonely?

If you have noticed that someone in your family or community is lonely, is part of you longing to help them during the social isolation, so you can relax?

If you want to help someone else, firstly it helps to have a full tank (that old oxygen-mask-in-an-aeroplane-crash analogy, that I find sooo true – put yours on first, and then you can help more effectively).

bolders piled up making art, with sea in background

Got Stuck using NVC to Restore a Conversation?

I always hold that a shift in a conflict appears when using Nonviolent Communication (NVC), rather than us searching for it. I find that surprising, magical and beautiful. One minute it looks like there is no solution or harmony on the horizon, the next “Hey Presto”: Both people (or all of the group, if it is a group mediation) are actually happier than they were with their original prefered solution. This article is for those who understand the NVC resolution process, and haven’t yet got to that shift.