Do You Know Someone Who Feels Lonely?

Most of us have experienced painful loneliness, or being alone in a frightening way, so our mirror cells get triggered when we think of someone else going through it. And maybe that someone is you, right now. Are you OK, or are you struggling? Below are tips for helping yourself or others with loneliness.

In Wales we have just started a 17 day lockdown (a Firebreak) as I write. Many people are worried about their, or others’, mental health. Mental health is one of those things we tend not to think about when we (and others) have it….until it affects us in some way.

Smartly dressed man sitting at the front of his house on a veranda, with his head in his hands, and a wide brimmed hat on.

If you have noticed that someone in your family or community is lonely or alone, is part of you is longing to help them during the social isolation to know they are OK, so you can relax again?

If you want to help someone else, firstly it helps to have a full emotional tank yourself. (That old oxygen-mask-in-an-aeroplane-crash analogy, that I find sooo true – put yours on first, and then you can help more effectively.)

So let’s start with you, some You Time. It’s all about you whichever way we look at it (and that is Okay!) If you want to skip the “you” part, scroll down.

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