NVC Course Info

Topics for Winter / Spring on having a tricky converstation

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Woven through learning sessions will be the following NVC principles:

  1. Using mindfulness to be in touch with your feelings and needs (Telegraph link). Here is a 5 minute NVC Meditation.
  2. Checking with your body whether you want to connect
  3. Speaking up for your F&N (Feelings & Needs) in a way that preserves the relationship.
  4. Translating your judgements and strategies into Abstract Needs -> concrete into abstract
  5. Brainstorming concrete actions that come from abstract needs
  6. Checking that the other party is not people pleasing or co-erced
  7. Not taking responsibility for the other’s needs and feelings.
  8. Taking responsibility for your own feelings and needs.
  9. Self Compassion (start 6.50 mins in)
  10. Giving feedback using NVC


Why do you have sliding scales?

The aim is to make these trainings as accessible as possible. Sarah is able to run this group due to financial support from participants. You may wish to offer energy in a different way to money – eg marketing Escape Your Chains – if money is tight. Or if you are comfortably off, you may give more so those less well off can come.

Some of the other needs Sarah is aiming to meet by offering trainings are acknowledgement and to be valued for her work, energy, experience and training.

Where can we find out more about EYC Learning & Practice Group?