On-line Resources

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Marshall Rosenberg (founder of NVC): A brief 2.37 mins video to introduce NVC, which I find quite moving.

An introduction to the techniques & principles of NVC in 18 mins from How Communication Works.

A 7.5 minute audio about the connection between anger & needs. NVC shows us that translating anger can make our life much more wonderful.

This is Marshall’s  3 hour introduction  to the process, quality and principles of communicating in a connected & compassionate way.

Finally I’ve found a group of Marshall’s songs! I recommend skipping any you don’t enjoy.

NVC resources for de-escalation for XR.

This Zoom video call has a number of ideas for de-escalating large groups, including when the police get too much. It seems invaluable to me, and I found it inspiring. I would start at 4 mins, to avoid the teccy issues.

The BREATHE acronym has been used in trainings for XR activists by NVC trainers and here are some 1 hr recordings from April ’19.

The BREATHE handout to go with the on-line trainings, and is effective as a stand alone document too.

Assortment of Videos

I really love Marianne De Dijk’s stuff, here is a link to one of her videos on her website where her father tells her something she didn’t do that he was upset about, I found what transpired moving.

Here is another video from Marianne. For people who focus on listening more than bringing their needs in:

Parenting / Teacher Resources

What to do when a child repeatedly says NO to somethings.

Roleplays between parent and child with some explanations. 30 mins NVC

3.5 mins A teacher’s discovery when torn between giving his pupils choice about what they did in class, and learning NVC.

“I want to watch video games…” computer voices role play using NVC

Create Beauty In Your Life
Create Beauty In Your Life

Conflict Hotline: A series of role-play conflicts, recorded each month from people phoning in. Many with Miki Kashtan coaching. I found it inspirational, & a great way of learning for free. Type “Conflict Hotline” into the You Tube search engine and then chose which one you want to listen to or click here for one on anger.

Non-NVC Links

Brene Brown is a hilarious researcher/story teller with a powerful message. Very helpful as support for modern life, I believe. Page down this link for her 2 TED talks – one on the Power of Vulnerability and the other Listening to Shame. I recommend the one on vulnerability first, as the shame one refers back to that one.

This is Part 1 of a 2 part class by Tara Brach about evolving past contempt, judgement and blame. Part 1 is about self forgiveness, why it’s not your fault, & where blame & judgements come from. It’s amusing, includes stories & poems and I found it profound. Towards the end she leads us through what for me was a wonderful exercise on self compassion for whatever we don’t like about ourselves. I’d love everyone to experience this.

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