How to Buy Your Tickets

We are asking you to commit by Tuesday 12 pm.

£16 per session drop-in. If you cannot afford this, see below.

Sarah Sims Williams

08-93-00 10343663

Use your name as the reference so we know it is you!

We recommend setting up a bill payment if you want to continue.

We are asking for a committment so tickets are non-refundable.

Once you have paid, click the New Tickets button in your email, to register as soon as possible. You will be sent details before the session.

Needs-based Approach to Energy Exchange.
Sarah Sims Williams says: I love sharing NVC, and need to look after myself too. If I do other work to earn enough, I am likely to  give up offering this group. How enthusiastic do you feel about NVC? Do you want to help me to continue to offer NVC? My invitation is for you to acknowledge everyone’s needs, whilst not taking responsibility for other’s needs (including mine) or rescuing them.

How much would you like to gift us to help us continue offering NVC? Ask for a conversation (preferably not on the wednesday) if you wish.

NVC L&PG will go up each year. Currently from £5.20 /hour. How is that for you?

New Participants: Special offer below

Drop-in Price     £16 (£15 if you are struggling to sustain yourself and £14 if you cannot afford a cuppa out),