Couples & Groups

Loving Mediation

For couples, exes, groups, communities, family difficulties, organisations,.

Compassionate mediation, aimed at getting everyone’s needs heard & unpicking any hurt, misunderstanding, or differences to re-build connection. Once everyone has been heard to their satisfaction, solutions are created naturally…. with no-one compromising…. Compromise usually means resentment later, so compassion, listening and consideration, respect and value are the tools of this game.

Check it out at Loving Mediation.

Couples Deepening Connection & Coaching

If you want to Revitilise your Relationship chat to us about ongoing couples coaching as an alternative to counselling. In the same way as Loving Mediation, we use NVC to resolve differences in a way that supports everyone’s needs, and aim to support conflict so it helps your relationship flourish, not flounder. This way we support you to work though transforming sticky places and conflicts into a deeper connection.

If you are dedicated to deepening your relationship in more general terms, join our mailing list to see what is coming up or add a comment to tell us what you’d like to see.

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