Courses and Workshops (some free)

If you want to find out what trainings, workshops and gatherings are going on in the UK in your area or further afield: for lots of details, learning and living the process of NVC. Also for meeting others and social networking.
Centre for Nonviolent Communication This has a wealth of information and is the main world umbrella site for NVC.

NVC Europe site a lovely website from Ian Peatey

NVC Academy Get Started with NVC: this has several free introductory resources & courses. This site also has a lot of live online courses, for which you can get notifications, and a library. For a very small amount of money (currently $15) you will get 1 month’s access to lots of courses in the library, that would normally cost hundreds of pounds each! Wow!

Compassion Course. I highly recommend it if you want to get a good grasp and lots of experience of NVC. Last time I looked it had a price to suit everyone. Thom Bond and NYCNVC’s wonderful 52 week course, is delivered via email, with a community on-line to discuss it with and monthly phone calls. I cannot recommend this course enough if you want to understand NVC consciousness at a heart level. You need a few hours a week free, to make the most of it.


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